Tuesday, August 29, 2006

southwestern chicken salad

This is another fallback meal. (Notice the theme - throw this spice rub on anything and it will taste great.)

southwestern chicken salad
Fresh corn and tomatoes added a nice combination of sweetness and crunch. I threw in the oranges for some extra brightness.
[salad: mixed greens, oranges, tomatoes, corn, citrus vinaigrette (olive oil, lime juice, orange juice, sugar, garlic, salt). chicken: chile spice rub, lime juice, olive oil)]


Blogger bert said...

hi sue,

ever think about making your own cookbook? Actually, i'm sure it's crossed your mind.

and i'm sure you and danny could find your own publishers to throw something together...

though this is interesting...

1/9/06 01:09  
Blogger Yangsze said...

Love your blog! Also like the strange little cow alien who's eyeing your food... mmmmmmm oooo?

19/9/06 23:35  

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