Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was given a slab of hamachi (yellowtail) and then informed that it probably wasn't safe to eat as sashimi! What a shame! So instead of subjecting my digestive system to potential trauma, I cooked it up. Pan-seared with soy-mirin marinade. And the trimmings went into a miso soup.

seared hamachi
Even cooked, the hamachi was wonderful and buttery. I can only imagine the glory that it could have been as sashimi. We also had this great wasabi furikake that we had brought back with us from Japan. It went extremely well with the rice and hamachi.
[hamachi marinated in mirin, soy, ginger, sesame oil]

miso soup
This is a great, light soup.
[miso paste, wakame, green onions, silken tofu, hamachi trimmings]


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