Thursday, September 21, 2006

warning: not for sushi purists

If you're a sushi purist, I recommend you skip this post. Your delicate sushi senses will be offended.

bumblebee tuna rolls
A group of friends had assembled a collection of recipes as a Christmas gift, and my fellow founding member of the "mutual admiration society" included this recipe. So, it's not really bumblebee brand tuna, it's from Trader Joes, but you get the idea. It's easy, tasty and made from pantry items.
[canned tuna, sushi rice, mayonnaise, cucumber, green onion, wasabi, soy sauce, nori]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I just always prefer a hand roll to a sandwich. (And if you don't have the delicious burden of fresh sashimi, you're free to experiment all you want without fear of disrespecting the fish!)

Yesterday's lunch was leftover TJ's bulgogi, radish sprouts, and shrimp chips (for crunchiness) rolled up in leftover jasmine rice and nori. I wasn't patient enough to wait 5 minutes for wasabi, so I used Sriracha chili. All it needed was some kewpie mayo or avocado, but even without ... yummo!

29/9/06 10:19  

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