Monday, December 25, 2006

christmas dinner

Our traditional dinner is a standing rib roast with yorkshire pudding. Sides change from year to year. No pictures because we were too excited to eat. You can see some pics at Table d'Hote.

tomatoes with burrata
I am in love with burrata. And these tomatoes from the farmer's market were awesome with the burrata.
[tomatoes, burrata, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil]

standing rib roast
We buy the meat from Howie's Ranch Market, and it's dry-aged 21 days. We then age it at home for about another week. I cook it at 250°F until it reaches 118°, and then take it out to rest it. After it's reached 130°F, I put it back in at 450°F until it's crispy and brown on the outside, about 5 minutes.
[rib roast, salt, pepper, oil]

yorkshire pudding
These are awesome because they're so dramatic when they first come out of the oven. Of course, they deflate almost instantly.
[eggs, milk, flour, salt, drippings from roast]

Sautéed and steamed.
[carrots, butter, thyme, salt, pepper]

roasted garlic mashed potatoes
I had roasted a bunch of garlic earlier, and it really needed to get used up. I mashed them in with the potatoes and milk.
[yukon gold potatoes, milk, roasted garlic, butter, salt, pepper]

lemon panna cotta
G chose this dessert, and as it was our first time making panna cotta, it was an adventure. Panna cotta is surprisingly simple to make, and it's so misleadingly light-tasting, that you don't realize you're pretty much eating solid cream.
[cream, gelatin, vanilla bean, lemon zest, lemon juice, sugar]


Blogger bert said...

i'm so jealous that i couldn't go home... the meal sounded delicious... i wish there were more pictures. are the table d'hote pictures from our house? who was over for Christmas dinner. i'm so out of it.

6/1/07 11:40  
Blogger sue said...

bertie, we were sad you weren't able to be home with us, too. Christmas isn't quite the same without you. Miss you lots!

6/1/07 17:45  

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