Tuesday, January 02, 2007


An epic battle between good and evil...

roast beef hash with green salad
We had one last piece of rib roast left, and I decided to use it in a hash. This came out so nice and crispy, and paired with a salad, you don't feel quite so guilty about eating it.
[roast beef hash: leftover rib roast, potato, onion, salt, pepper, oil, poached egg; salad: greens, oranges, walnuts, orange-port dressing, salt, pepper; croutons: garlic butter, french bread, salt]


Blogger Unknown said...

Maybe Danny was right. Maybe I should also take pictures of the food I cook. It could be a two sisters blog. "See how different family can be."
Last night, I had instant mashed potatoes, but to add my own Han flair, I added some canned corn, a la Japanese style. Sigh. Your chipotle night is amazing. Chipotle dessert! And so does this Roast Beef Hash. Maybe I'll try to make a hash this weekend.

9/1/07 18:52  

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