Friday, May 25, 2007

guest chef series #5: niu rou mien

Every once in a while my mom will call and say, "Come pick up such-and-such food." This week it was beef noodle soup.

taiwanese beef noodle soup
This is so good. I added watercress, and used these thin noodles called "yu mee" in Taiwanese.
[I wish I knew the recipe - I'm working on getting it from my mom.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think bert tried to make this too?? i love comfort food like this, even in hot weather! i've only got down one taiwanese dish: the fried pork chop with noodles in soup.

oh, mrs. cham also makes the most delish beef noodle soup! (never had your mom's. think she can fed ex some?) = )

9/6/07 04:45  
Blogger sue said...

ha ha. my mom was fedex-ing frozen meals to grace for a while. and we would periodically get some frozen fish. our postman once commented on the cold, slightly damp tyvek package.

14/6/07 21:26  

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