Saturday, June 02, 2007

guest chef series #7: carne asada

Our friends F & C invited us over for a home-cooked Mexican meal. C went all out and made 4 different salsas, beans and rice (with chorizo), horchata, jamaica, and arroz con leche for dessert. It was all extremely delicious and we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't breathe.

Aren't these beautiful? They were also extremely tasty.
[C's secret family recipes]

carne asada
F fired up the grill and cooked up carne asada and pollo. It was such a nice afternoon of just hanging out on their patio and chatting and eating.
[carne asada, chorizo beans, rice, grilled green onions]


Anonymous Chanda said...

this looks delicious! there a recipe for this? i'd love to try this sometime =)

17/9/10 11:20  

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