Friday, June 29, 2007

zong zi (or chinese tamales)

This is one of my favorite foods. It's sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, with stewed meat tucked inside. It's a traditional Chinese food that corresponds with the dragon boat festival. More info here.

zong zi
I'm terrible at making these. Somehow, my mom makes it look so easy, but mine always turn out kind of measly, and there's always rice leaking out. There's a fair amount of skill in holding loose rice and other fillings in a cone made of two bamboo leaves, flipping the end of the leaves over the top to make a pyramid shape, and then somehow tying it all together with string, without having it fall completely apart.
[sticky rice, pork belly, peanuts, salted duck egg yolk, dried chinese black mushrooms, chestnuts, dried shrimp]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to learn how to make these for ages! Let's have a wrapping party sometime in August.

9/7/07 22:00  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

i second that. i haven't made zong zi since i was young, but i would love to have go at it again.

your zong zi, or should i say your mom's, look perfectly tasty.

10/7/07 13:26  
Blogger toxicjimmy said...

can i volunteer as a taste tester?

11/7/07 17:34  
Blogger sue said...

ha ha, jimmy. you have to come and at least attempt to make one before we allow you to freeload as a taste-tester...

11/7/07 17:59  

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