Sunday, July 08, 2007

treats from taiwan

This is my absolute favorite fish, and it's only good when it's caught near the coast of Taiwan. So, it comes to us in sporadic shipments in the luggage of family members and close friends.

It's salted before it's frozen, so no seasoning is really needed. Just pan-fry and eat with rice.

My mom just handed me a bunch of green's from someone's garden. She's always getting fresh-grown somethings from some neighbor/friend/patient or other, so in the summer we have an endless supply of homegrown veggies and fruits.
[mystery greens, garlic, oil, salt, pepper]

tomato cucumber salad
More of the aforementioned fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes, lemon, and mint came from my mom's garden, and the cucumbers from a patient.
[tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, salt, pepper, lemon juice]



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