Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Meals like this make me realize how spoiled/lucky I am. While in Napa for our 9th (!) anniversary, we picked up a chunk of coppa. Our friends L & E gave us a bunch of figs from their tree, and I still had a bit of Parmeggiano-Reggiano tucked away in our cheese drawer.

figs, parmesan, and hot coppa
This was such a nice snack/meal. The figs were super-ripe and sweet - a perfect foil for the salty, hot coppa. And the cheese is just really great.
[figs, coppa, parmeggiano-reggiano cheese]

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Blogger Unknown said...

Remember our fig tree?
This week's NY Times talks about grilling figs. Believe it or not, my friend is going to have a "harvest party" b/c her tomato garden is ripe and so are her figs!! See, it can happen in nyc too...just not where I live.

13/9/07 19:55  
Blogger toxicjimmy said...

9th anniversary!!! wowsers, are you kidding? didn't seem that long ago...congratulations! =)

i still have one of the bumble bees...i think it needs new wings.

14/9/07 17:20  
Blogger Unknown said...

Are there are any other cooking/food blog sites that you can recommend? I'm thinking that sites like yours are the best for trying to become a better cook.

16/9/07 18:03  
Blogger sue said...

hi gracie!

yes, i really miss our fig tree. isn't it ironic that we had no clue how great we had it? food blogs i like:
awesome photography and really great writing. both danny and i want to marry him.
this is a more "technical" site, but has lots of good information and recipes and equipment testing. he's quite thorough, and i really love his recipe matrix/grid thing. (it's something nerdy for information designers).
again, some beautiful photography and writing.
i just found this and it's friendly and has lots of recipes.

good luck! everyone always links other people, so if you click around, you're bound to find someone you like.

also, you can call me anytime with questions. :)

16/9/07 20:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, idon't know you remember the fig tree. at that time nobody like it. Only the big posssum across the street enjoy them.

5/10/07 17:50  

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