Sunday, August 12, 2007

sushi feast

After a weekend of cooking (short ribs for mom & dad's dinner party, brunch for some friends - sorry, no pics of either ones of these, all repeats anyway) we were having some friends over for dinner and I didn't want to cook anything. Slicing fish didn't count, so we assembled this sushi feast.

I love raw fish. I was quite pleased with how well the halibut turned out. I did it more crudo-style, with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt. I also prefer the Korean style of nori. It's brushed with oil and sea salt and toasted. Very tasty.
[salmon, yellowtail, halibut, spicy tuna, unagi, avocados, radish sprouts, cucumber, masago; sushi rice, nori]

peach cobbler
L brought this for dessert. Not a traditional pairing with sushi, but tasty nonetheless. Very, very buttery crust.

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Blogger Blue Plate said...

Wow! Your sushi looks great. Quite the spread.

20/9/07 21:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow so pretty! love the idea of a make your own sushi dinner spread.

21/9/07 19:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, sushi. As much as I like our new place, I miss living between Mitsuwa and Nijiya!

Question about cobbler (other than "Why do people even bake pies when cobbler is so much easier?"): How do you keep the sauce in a cobbler from getting too runny? I like the idea of a thick sauce, but mine always ends up more like hot fruit cocktail syrup. Suggestions?

23/9/07 21:43  
Blogger sue said...

hi daph -

for the cobbler, you can add about a tablespoon of cornstarch as a thickener (for 2 pints of fresh berries and 1.75 lbs of stone fruits).

as for make-your-own sushi, it's easy and fun, even if everyone's sushi turns out to be ugly.

23/9/07 23:46  
Blogger Unknown said...

chih and i made your tuna sandwich and it was delicious. what i love most about your site is that i can get ideas, simple ideas, for dinner. the problem with most blogs (like mattbites) is that there is all this other discussion about food, life, restaurants, this and that. i need sites like yours where i can just look at it and say: hey, that's what i'll make tonight.

i think this is an untapped blog market. it's the reason why mark bittman's 101 easy summer dinners article was so popular. because for most of us, we just want something easy. easier than most of bittman's dishes actually.

the tuna sandwich was tasty. thanks!

30/9/07 15:18  
Blogger toxicjimmy said...

the sushi picture is soooooo good, Sue! can i use it for missions conference? i'm making a slide show with all kinds of ethnic foods...

20/10/07 14:10  

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