Sunday, September 30, 2007

more eggs and muffins

I feel like I'm starting to repeat myself. I guess we've been low on time recently, so our meals have been simpler.

poached egg, salami, and english muffin
I was in the mood for something other than cereal for breakfast, and this seemed simple enough. We had some salami in the fridge, so I used it as a bowl to catch the burst egg yolk.
[eggs, english muffin, colby cheese, salami]


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

home alone

I went out with some friends, leaving D to fend for himself. Looks like he's learned a few things from hanging out with me.

iceberg wedge & mushroom omelette
The rest of the iceberg & blue cheese, plus a nice homemade omelette.
[iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing; eggs, mushrooms, cheese, thyme, salt, pepper]

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Monday, September 24, 2007

forecast: a rise in cholesterol level

These new grills are doing nothing good for our health or waistlines, but it's oh-so-convenient and tasty.

iceberg wedge
I think that if people knew what went into blue cheese dressing, they'd stop ordering it. I made this with some blue cheese that was hanging around our fridge and it's just decadent. The benefit of making it yourself is that you can make it as cheesy as you like.
[iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing: sour cream, mayonnaise, heavy cream, blue cheese, white wine vinegar]

steak & mashed potatoes
We tried to replicate a classic steakhouse meal, and I think we did a pretty good job. One day we will buy real steak knives (we're using my paring knives as they're the sharpest and most easily wielded), and that might enhance the experience.
[ribeye steak, potatoes, milk, half & half, butter, salt, pepper]

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Some of you have noticed that the timeline is kind of wacky. The date listed is the date that I cooked the food. As you can see, I'm way behind. I'll hopefully catch up before the end of the year, and keep on things in 2008.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

the worst waffles ever

They may look nice, but wow, these were pretty awful. Even D couldn't finish them, and he's pretty hard to deter from food (especially sweets).

buttermilk waffles
I'm not sure what went wrong with the recipe, but it was bitter and metallic. I think the recipe called for too much baking powder (or my baking powder has gone bad.) It seemed so promising. It made for a very disappointing morning.
[clearly not important, since I won't be making these again]

Saturday, September 22, 2007

dining al fresco

I love our new terrace/patio. V came over with a tasty treat and we grilled up some artichokes and chicken for a nice meal outdoors by the fireplace.

lemon chicken with fresh herbs, grilled artichokes,
fig-proscuitto-burrata salad

I decided to do a simple lemon and garlic marinated chicken and grilled artichokes. I made an aioli, but somehow managed to confuse the process of whizzing it all in the food processor and mixing it by hand. Basically, I drizzled the olive oil into the egg yolk instead of pouring it all in, and when you're using a food processor, the whole thing seizes up and it becomes over-emulsified. The texture was kind of "bouncy" for lack of a better word.
[chicken, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley, cilantro; artichokes, olive oil; aioli: olive oil, egg yolks, lemon juice, garlic, salt, white pepper]

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

shrimp & corn

I found a stray bag of shrimp in the freezer, so decided to make a soup.

corn soup with shrimp
This turned out better than I expected. Half of the shrimp was pretty badly freezer-burned, so I salvaged what I could. It's a simple corn bisque - the secret to nice soups is straining them well. It was creamy and sweet, a nice foil to the brininess of the shrimp.
[corn, fish stock, onions, garlic, shrimp, cilantro, salt, cayenne]

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

new grills!

Get used to seeing variations on this. Since the new grills have gone in and become operational, we'll be spending a lot of time down there.

rib-eye, zucchini, tomatoes & onions
Having a grill is really the best!! We're still getting used to it, so these weren't quite so fiercly seared, but pretty tasty nonetheless. The quality of beef at Ralphs is ok, but I can imagine that a nice aged piece of beef would really be great.
[rib-eye steak, salt, pepper; zucchini, oil, salt, pepper; tomatoes, onions]


Friday, September 07, 2007

vietnamese-ish beef spring rolls

My mom was out of town, so we invited my dad over for some grilling and, it turns out, extremely tricky spring roll wrapping. Flavor-wise, let's just say the intent is more important than authenticity in this case.

beef spring rolls
This is an extremely blurry and ugly picture, but it's the best I had. We had a hard time keeping the very thin and sticky rice paper wrappers from sticking to itself and tearing. Aside from the poor aesthetics, the rolls were quite tasty, and it made for a light, yet filling meal.
[flank steak, marinade: soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, garlic, oil; lettuce, rice paper, carrots, cucumber, cilantro; dipping sauce: nam pla, rice wine vinegar, water, sugar, chili]

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