Wednesday, September 26, 2007

home alone

I went out with some friends, leaving D to fend for himself. Looks like he's learned a few things from hanging out with me.

iceberg wedge & mushroom omelette
The rest of the iceberg & blue cheese, plus a nice homemade omelette.
[iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing; eggs, mushrooms, cheese, thyme, salt, pepper]

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Blogger chih chih chih chih said...

This is great! Can grace hang out with you too?

Just kidding grace!

9/12/07 15:36  
Blogger sue said...

chih, are you dissing my little sister? i'm going to have to come beat you up!! danny says you'll be sleeping on that "kung fu" bench if you're not careful.

that said, i'd love to come hang out with you. it's been too long! can't wait till christmas!

10/12/07 23:01  

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