Thursday, November 01, 2007

for the halibut

I was kind of craving fish, so we went to the market to see if anything looked good. The halibut was definitely calling out to me, and this came out much better than I expected.

grilled halibut with beet-green hash
I made the beet green hash in the kitchen, and then took the pan downstairs to the grill to keep it warm while the fish cooked. (Diced potatoes, bacon, and beet greens, sautéed until crispy.)I was pretty nervous about the fish sticking horribly to the grill, and there were some uncertain moments in the turning process, but I think both fillets survived mostly intact. I think a salsa verde would have been nice as a final touch, but overall I'm really pleased with how this turned out.
[halibut, olive oil, salt, pepper; beet greens, potatoes, bacon]

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