Saturday, December 29, 2007

a post-christmas goose

We did a day trip to oxford, and while we were there in the market, we picked up a free-range goose.

roast goose with apples
I really like goose. It was a bit too big to fit in their oven whole, so I removed the legs and made a confit of those, while we roasted the rest of the bird. I thought about brining it, but decided it was too much trouble since it wasn't my house and it would require a whole new search to find a bin that would accomodate the duck and brine, not to mention trying to squeeze it in the fridge.

When it came to roasting, I apparently set the oven on broil and bake, which gave the top an extra crisp skin. (Well, I noticed it was browning a little too quickly, so covered it with foil. It wasn't until about halfway through cooking that my brother came in and pointed my erroneous oven setting. I blame it on poor icon design.) I stuffed the cavity with golden delicious apples, and also roasted some extra apples in the fat towards the end. They caramelized beautifully and were a nice side dish with the fatty goose. We also roasted carrots and parsnips, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts.

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