Saturday, March 15, 2008

stinky cheese

A local restaurant supply importer has semi-annual warehouse sales. I went to check it out and came back with a lot of olive oil (really good stuff), chocolate, this langres cheese and a boudin.

langres cheese
This was really good, but really stinky. It had a nice creamy texture, and wasn't too salty.
[langres cheese, boudin sausage]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok. at first, i was going to make some kind of comment about brain cheese, but then i noticed the apostle John on the left, mind-melding with a smirky imp on the right.

now i can't NOT notice them!

19/6/08 23:41  
Blogger sue said...

now that's all i see, too!

19/6/08 23:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess it's more popular to see Jesus in foodstuffs, but that is EXACTLY how i have always drawn anyone named "john" for sunday school lessons. in fact, he could be john the baptist based on his doleful expression (and unfortunate platter placement).

a Jesus cheese would need slightly longer hair and look a bit more smiley. obviously.

20/6/08 18:18  

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