Thursday, March 13, 2008

way better than ****berry

Actually, I've never been to the aforementioned trendy "yogurt" chain, so I guess I can't really make that claim. But this was one ridiculously rich and creamy bowl of frozen yogurt.

frozen yogurt with blueberries
We had just gone to another version of the Southern California yogurt obsession, and I thought that I could probably make my own frozen yogurt and it would be pretty yummy. I took some Straus whole milk yogurt, strained it overnight with cheesecloth, and then mixed it with sugar and froze it in my ice cream maker. It was so good that I'd say that I could switch to frozen yogurt permanently if it were always this good.
[yogurt, sugar]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never been there either! why pay $4 for frozen yogurt that is probably made with an inferior yogurt? instead i made frozen yogurt at home using trader joe's non-fat yogurt.

18/6/08 20:21  

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