Sunday, June 01, 2008


Our friend was making Jamaican spice-rubbed steaks, so I volunteered to bring plantains, to go along with the theme. I decided that fried plantains are good, but wouldn't they be even more awesome if they were bacon-wrapped? Everyone at the party agreed.

bacon-wrapped plantains
I did two small batches with slightly different techniques to see which would taste better. This photo is from the first technique, where I merely wrapped the plantain slice in bacon and fried it. The winning batch (no photo) was a variation on tostones, where you pan fry the plantains, pull them out and slightly smash them, soak them in salt water for about a minute, and then fry again. So before the second fry, I wrapped them in the bacon and fried them. They were tender, and delicious, and the slight sweet starchiness of the plantains offset, the crisp smokiness of the bacon.
[plantains, bacon, salt, oil]

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Blogger Jules said...

Sue, you should start an exclusive boutique-like restaurant where you can serve these on-the-fly creations. I would have never thought of bacon-wrapped plantains, but I'm curious to try :) I just came back from DC and NY, so of course my bro and I depended our places to eat choices based on word-on-the-internet and Food Network.

29/7/08 00:35  

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