Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving pies

The gorgeous pies in the foreground are from Cake Monkey. I made the humbler apple pie in the background.

braised pumpkin tarts with marshmallow topping and apple crumb pie
The pumpkin tart is really an amazing dessert. It's incredibly rich, and that marshmallow topping is super-yummy. My apple pie isn't bad either. I used three types of apples - this time it was Granny Smith, Jonagold and Macintosh.
[pumpkin tarts: secret recipe; apple pie: basic pie crust (flour, butter, sugar, salt, water), apples, cinnamon, oatmeal, brown sugar, butter, pecans]


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pumpkin pie

This is one of my first attempts to a meringue topping. It didn't go so well, but it was worth an effort.

pumpkin pie with meringue topping
So, I think I overbeat the meringue, or didn't add the sugar properly. I was really trying to go for a nice, creamy Italian meringue, but the sugar crystallized and I think that just messed up everything. Good thing my coworkers aren't too picky about the quality of the homemade baked goods I bring in..
[pumpkin, cream, half and half, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, flour, water, egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, salt]


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chipotle adventures

I overbought some dried chipotles for making my spice rub, so I decided to make some chipotles en adobo. That resulted in a braised chipotle chicken meal.

chipotle chicken
Braising always makes meat tender, and the long cooking time allows for flavors to come together as well. This was a chipotles en adobo, some canned tomatoes, and diced onions and garlic. I think I may have thrown in a little of my spice rub as well.
[chicken, chipotles en adobo, canned tomatoes, onions, garlic, spice rub]