Wednesday, December 31, 2008

leftover curd

One thing about making your own lemon curd is the leftovers. Fortunately, I was going to a New Year's Eve party, so I made these teeny meringue sandwiches.

lemon meringue sandwich cookies
These were amazing when I first put them together, but due to the general humidity that evening, they were pretty sticky by the time people got to them. Any tips on how to prevent meringue cookie stickiness?.
[egg white, sugar, lemon curd]

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Blogger Maurice said...

Hi Sue, I believe you add something to the eggwhites, often it's cream of tartar but one time I made resurrection cookies and it called for vinegar...amazing result and I lost the recipe. I should find that for you because I believe I made a copy before selling my curriculum to a friend (if not, I can get it from the friend).
Love, Beth

13/6/09 07:41  
Blogger toxicjimmy said...

for a second, i thought Maurice had somehow started to make dessert...

30/11/09 21:43  

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